Double 8 Dairy,

Double 8 Dairy outside of Valley Ford is one of only one of two water buffalo dairies in California, and only one in a handful of professional water buffalo dairies across the U.S. Founder Andrew Zlot started Double 8 Dairy with the idea of making fresh Mozzarella di Bufala in the authentic Italian style.

Raising water buffalo can be quite challenging for a number of reasons. Unlike cattle, water buffalo store their milk internally, so they’re notoriously difficult to milk. Additionally, female buffalo have horns, which don’t mix well with conventional dairy equipment. Lastly, an average Jersey cow will produce 4-6 gallons of milk a day, while a water buffalo only produces 1-2 gallons a day, if you’re lucky. Water buffalo milk is higher in fat and protein than cow’s milk, which results in an amazingly creamy and delicious product. 

Double 8 Dairy is known for their incredible buffalo and jersey milk cheeses, milk; and ice cream. Andrew typically only sells their products directly to some of the best restaurants and cafes in the Bay. (locals secret - go find their gelato served in the back of the Pt. Reyes supermarket!)

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